Turning Archive 2005

Just not a shop day :(

Carole in VA
>Went out this morning after taking my dog to the vet (they found she has erlichiosis again)and decided to make a bunch of glue blocks. Pulled a 4' by 15" wide piece of poplar off the shelf and put it on the crosscut sled on the Uni. Started it thru the saw and about 3/4 of the way through, all heck broke loose. I held onto it for dear life and hit the kill switch with my knee. Still haven't figured out exactly what happened on that. Perhaps I let it drift off the rear fence of the sled? Anyway, finished it off on the band saw, then marked out about 10 glue blocks. Cut out five of them, then on the sixth...BAMMM! My fairly new Viking Band Saw blade broke at the weld. This was the first time I have had a blade break, but it was the second heart attack in the space of 45 minutes! On the way to the trash can with the blde, I managed to catch the thing on my drill which was sitting on the bench. That crashed to the floor, breaking the bit and taking with it an entire big box of screws which went everywhere. At that point I just kept going, dropped the blade in the trash, hit the lights and locked the shop. It's one of those days!

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