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Stuck in a Rut

Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

Well, I’m not sure how it happened but I am in a woodworking rut, nothing seems to be inspiring me these days. I completed my cyclone, sold my old planner and am still shopping for a new one. I am working hard on my Pens for Canadian Peacekeeper project and I am waiting for the return of my war medals (two grandfathers and my fathers) from a person who is mounting them for me, I have a shadow box on the go.

Awhile back my passion was my 4x5 Linhof Technica View camera (yes, the ones with a bellows) and it’s been on a shelf for the last 7-8 years waiting for me to think about it again….over the last few weeks I have found a forum dedicated to Large Format (LF) photography and I have been enjoying a community of LF fans and users who are much like WC, very friendly and supportive.

I think I might just do a little more with the big Camera this summer, pack up the tripod and lenses and get my mind on other things for awhile, it may recharge my wood spirits before the hockey season comes around again.

If any of you are Large Format Film photographers I would be happy to share the forum link with you…..I feel I need to get back to my other hobby for awhile….there is something truly magical in taking 30-45 minutes to frame, focus and compose and make a single image under a focus cloth on a sheet of film 4x5 inches.

So what have you done when you have gotten into a woodworking rut?

Take care,


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