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Vicmarc Chuck Warranty/Recall

Brian McKearney
>I purchased a Vicmarc 120 chuck last year, and last week I received a letter from Craft Supplies/Woodturner's Catalog informing me of a recall on that chuck. Apparently this recall notice applies to 5 1/2" Vicmarc chucks purchased within the past 24 months - owners are advised to inspect the jaw slides to determin if they require replacement under warranty. The jaw slides to be replaced are described as "easy to identify, as they are black in color". Owners are advised to discontinue use of the chuck immediatly and contact Technical Support to arrange for replacement of the jaw slices free of charge.

My chuck doesn't appear to be affected by the recall, as the only black part on it is the scroll ring, but I thought that I'd post this message just in case others have purchased this chuck in the past two years.

--- Brian

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