Turning Archive 2005

Tip: Not a turning tool but...

Mark Kauder. Phenix City, AL
>As many of you know, I am president of my turning club (and do most of the other work, too). We just bought a bunch of turning DVD/Tapes, and I needed something like library checkout cards on them. I could not find what I was looking for, but got what I need at Office Depot. They have small self-stick plastic pockets, advertised as for 3.5" computer diskettes. $5 for 10. They fit great on the Tape/DVD cases (and books), and a 3"x5" card fits great in them.

That is all well and good you say......but around the shop I found a wonderful use for them. I don't know about you, but I am constantly looking for a pencil. I have tons of them, but I lay them down and they get buried, or fall on the floor, etc. These self-stick pockets stick great to the side of my lathe, drillpress, TS, etc and pencils fit just fine.

Just a thought.

They would work great for allen wrenches as well, but I use rare earth magnets for metal tools (chuck keys, knockout bars, etc).


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