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Indexer - finally! *PIC*

Fred in NC
>Finally got a chance to get back in my shop!

A machinist friend of mine made the indexing plate. It fits any lathe with a 1" spindle, such as the Jet Mini, Delta Midi, and several of the 12" lathes.

It is made from industrial cabinet aluminum, black on both sides, 6" diameter with 24 holes (15 apart) made directly in a precision rotary table. It has a 1" hole.

The plate fits directly on the spindle, with a plastic washer behind the plate. It can be held in place with a 1"-8 nut, as seen in the pic, or with a chuck. The plate is big enough to be used with most chucks. When using the nut a pen mandrel can be used in the spindle.

The pin that fits in the holes is slightly tapered (5) for a tight fit in the holes.

The rest of the setup, the indexing arm, base that holds the arm, etc. were made in my shop with common tools. Excepting for the nuts and bolts it was all scrap.

This design does not require any alterations to the lathe; no holes need to be drilled. The base sits out of the way, it does not have to be removed each time it is used. The arm is held with a 1/4" bolt with washers and wingnut, so it is very easy to remove.

I will be making a jig to hold a Dremel or laminate router to go with it. It will allow drilling around the workpiece, and longitudinal routing. For example I will be able to make a six sided spindle. Again my design for this jig will be such that it can be easily made with common tools and materials.

Thanks for looking.

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