Turning Archive 2005

Large Turning Project

Mathieu Victor
>I am writing form the New York studio of a world-renowned sculptor. We do work of considerable technical complexity. We are now fabricating a new sculpture which incorporates a real 30” Red Oak log. We need to "bore" out the interior of 10 - 20 logs for this project. The appearance of the log will be that of a freshly cut “green” log, the dimensions of which is 15.5” in outside diameter by 30” in length. It is essential that the bark stay intact and attached, and that the end grain does not check.

We have been working on this project for a year. We are experimenting with using a stabilization product- "Pentacryl", similar to PEG, for this project. We have consulted with experts, are doing tests and prototypes, and have just concluded harvesting the logs. Our harvested logs are as perfectly cylindrical as possible which should facilitate turning.

We are now looking for a contractor hollow out these logs. We are doing this mainly to expedite drying and this interior surface will not be visible. It does not need to be very cleanly turned. We will provide you with 4-5 foot long "blanks" which will allow you enough extra to do a "true" cut and then have a few extra inches on either end to bolt into. We will be cleanly cutting the log in 2 sections, an 8 inch section and a 22 inch section. Thus the deepest bore depth will be 20". The wall thickness will be 2", meaning that the inside diameter of the bore will be 11.5".

Please submit project proposals to us if this is a project which you would be able to undertake. We would also appreciate any suggestions or reference that may be of assistance to us.

Best regards,

Mathieu Victor

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