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Walnut Stained Hands

TomW in SouthJersey
>I found out a woman at works husband is in the tree business. He called and said he had some black walnut from a big tree he took down and was it something I could use. I ended up with eight 14 inch wide sections 5 to 6 inches thick. I have spent most of the weekend roughing bowls and stuff.

First, judging from a book I have and the bark it looks like it is truly black walnut. Second, I discovered after cleaning up all the shavings (6 full yard size garbage bags were filled) my hands are stained black and so far I haven't found the right cleaning solution. Any tips?

Everything is either soaking in DNA or is already wrapped and bagged. I think this was too much wood all at once. It became a chore after a while. But I'm hoping the end product is worth it.

Tom Wright

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