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comedy of errors *PIC*

>I am posting this photo not as some example of great artistic talent or admirable skill in turning, but rather as evidence that serendipity actually exists.

This started off as a oof-cut from some very large logs that had been laying around untreated for a long time. The fellow I got it from (bless his generous heart) cut the good stuff up into turning squares and offered the left-overs to me...which considering my skill and knowledge was just right.

One end of the piece had numerous micro cracks and was getting kind of "weathered" or "punky."

I rough turned the vase fighting cracks all the way--went through a whole two ounce bottle of CA. I soaked it in dnA for 72 hours and let it dry about six weeks, maybe more.

The rim was just wide bead at first but trying to get some of the cracks out, it became almost a collar. I never did get the cracks out but a little judicious texturing camouflaged them very nicely. I ebonized the interior with leather dye and it was so strong, that in spots, it soaked terough the three-sixteenth inch walls. An attempt at a tungo oil finish (3:1) only made it worse. Hence the antiquing in the exturing.

The colour is Artisan red althoug in my mind it is almost more orange than red...call it "burnt orange.

Finally I put a MinWax wipe on Poly on the outside and by golly that's the easiest and nicest finish I 've done yet. Buffed with White Diamond and Carnuba.

Measuring 5.5x4.5...I kind of like it.

Comments welcome...

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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