Turning Archive 2005

More chainsaw kickback

Keith Tompkins
>John Lucas posted about chainsaw kickback, I'm late to the post, so...A couple of tips I have picked up along the way.

1. Never put your face in line with the bar. If you do, and encounter a kickback, the bar will hit you right in the face.

2.Keep your left arm locked, (or the hand on the forward handle)You can resist a kickback more easily this way. If your elbow is bent, you cannot react in time to the kickback. (Similar to using a radial arm saw)

3.On your forward hand, loop your thumb under the handle as a habit. Otherwise,a kickback will pull the saw right out of your hand.

4. On a large diameter piece, such as a trunk, I make the first cut: start with the saw on top of the log, making sure the body of the saw is up against the log. Then, lift the handle, cutting until the bar is almost vertical, being careful not to hit the ground. A clearance cut has been made.

Now, I cut the log in the usual manner....there is nothing (or at least much less) for the tip of the saw to get caught on and cause a kickback.

Keep your saw chain sharp...if it pulls to one side, resharpen or replace the chain and inspect the bar surface for wear. I alway bring an extra bar and chain in case I get stuck in the cut.

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