Turning Archive 2005

cutting oak tree

John Lucas
>whew, I just finished cutting up a 60 foot oak tree that blew over in the last storm. Husky worked great. This tree was about 26" in diameter but was completely rotten inside. There weren't any good crotches to speak of and most of the limbs has mostly sap wood. Even the rotten wood didn't have any spalting. I was hoping I would get some fun wood turn but there really wasn't any I could get excited about.

On the plus side I got good at sharpening. Only pinched the saw twice( it's really hard to read where the pressure is on a limb when they are all twisted and brocken). I pulled the chain off once when a limb twisted as it came off. I burned my finger on the exhaust one time while trying to sharpen, raised a nice blister. No kick backs and good clean straight cuts which means I must be doing something right while sharpening. Someones going to get a lot of nice firewood. All in all it was a lot of work but my chainsaw skills came through. Maybe the next tree will have some good wood.

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