Turning Archive 2005

chainsaw kickback

John Lucas
>I have had a chainsaw for about 10 years and have cut up a lot of wood. I've also used it for carving and rough shaping pieces. I have never had a kickback. Because of this I'm worried that I may be getting too lax in my handling of the saw. For those who have had a kickback, how did it happen? Can you control it with a good grip on the top bar or did it just jump out of control. I don't want to end up slicing my head open even though it might improve my looks.

I try to keep my eye on the nose of the chainsaw so I know what it's doing. Many cuts require that I bury the nose because of either a short chainsaw bar and a big tree or because I'm actually using the nose to shape or waste away wood.

I feel like I have good control of the saw and I keep the chain sharp. I'm just worried that I'm missing something and may be doing something dangerous.

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