Turning Archive 2005

Good New, Bad News, I'm In Trouble Now!

Ron in Drums PA
>My family has been telling me that my turnings are taking over the house. They also have been telling me I should start selling more of them to make room in the house. I have sold a few items on a one to one basis but I never cared about going to craft shows, (buying or selling) so I never bothered looking into this venue.

Anyway, this weekend, one of my wife's girl friends calls and says that she is unable to do an art show where she sells custom made jewelry and wondered if I would be interested in taking her spot to sell. Well of course my family talked me into doing this and now I'm committed.

Good News:
I sent over a couple of photos and they accepted me to display and sell my work.

Bad New:
Yesterday I went around the house collecting items worthy of selling. I gathered up everything and placed them on the kitchen table. My wife comes in and says "Oh! you can't sell this. . . or this" and walks away with a arm full of items. Then my teen aged daughter comes in and gathers a few things "These are my favorites, you can't sell these" and she takes them off the table. Next, my youngest daughter, hearing all the commotion, comes in "Daddy, since you are getting rid of these can I have this and this, pleeeeese!" She has me wrapped around her little finger. How can I say no.

I'm In Trouble:
All I have is one bowl left to sell and the show is June 17-18. This is no longer a hobby!

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