Turning Archive 2005

Survey of Opinions needed.. *PIC*

Ruth Niles
>I've been working on a new or re-design of the chrome bottle stopper cones for almost a year, now have the legalness (new word) completed and need your opinions.

The new stoppers would be stainless steel and not the chrome-plated, which will pit in red wine and in general over time. Stainless cones would cost the same as the chome since there's less material, no need for threading nor the double threaded stud, no plating needed (this has been checked into and verified).

This design allows the woodturning to sit much more pleasingly on the bottle and allows the turner a larger variety of shapes.

The first picture shows the stopper with the excess top removed. Next posts show a turning in the bottle (just couldn't get 2 pics in one post, I'll get it in time!)

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