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Cherry Hollowform (again...) *PIC*

David Propst

I thought I had posted this image on Monday and today discovered it had not uploaded. I have "previewed' this message several times and it appears to be working. My home ISP (Bellsouth) and WC do not seem to get along very well. I am trying this post from my inlaw's house (same laptop, same wireless router setup, different ISP (Alltel)). If there is no image I apologize for taking up folk's time and bandwidth.

I recently found this piece of cherry cleaning out my shop and thought it was worth a shot. I think it came from Barbara Gill via Phil Wall's Jamboree three years ago which makes it special.

It is about 6" tall. The crack in the rim is from a catch, but I think because of void from the bark inclusion it looks OK. The finish is Lee Valley Polymerized tung oil, lightly Beall buffed with tripoli.

It is the first piece I turned from scratch to finish since getting back to turning.

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