Turning Archive 2005

Mom's cookie jar *PIC*

Chris Wright
>I finally finished my present for my Mom's 50th birthday. It's a Figured Maple Cookie Jar with a Padauk finial. The finial was done using a method where the lid is drilled through and a plug with an oversided end is inserted from the "in" side, then everything is turned to create the lid/finial as one piece. The finial cannot be pulled out of the lid even under constant use this way. In the next photo you can see the button on the inside of the lid. The piece is 9 1/4" tall x 7" diameter. Wall thickness starts at 1/4" at the top and gets to about 3/8" or so at the bottom to add a bit of stability. Finished with Walnut Oil on the inside and Walnut Oil & Briwax on the outside. My largest container to date. There were a few good sized checks in the piece of wood that I experimented with and used ground coffee as a filler. I have to say it worked very well and I have never seen CA or super glue set up so fast!

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