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Steeling my nerves, 1st work posted *PIC*

>I've been meaning to post something for some time and just haven't done it. Motivation has met opportunity, so here's the result. Earrings. I put these together as Mother's Day gifts. The two on the left are cherry, the one on the right is "leftover wood handle" somebody gave me. Hardware is from Jo-Ann Fabric (Kwality parts). Finish is 50/50 sanding sealer & lacquer thinner. These were the first earrings I've tried. Worked out ok, except for exit wounds from the drill chipping out some wood. I'll do it smarter next time around. The worst of it was getting pairs to look matched, but that went ok.

The one on the right hangs down waaaay too low. My wife said she liked them, so they became hers, but she looks like a total hippie wearing them, and I haven't seen them make an appearance since the initial try-on. Hmmmmmm. Maybe she's not telling me something.

Total cost of was probably less than a dollar for all three sets. These aren't exactly fine jewelry, but for what I was trying to accomplish (a "can I really do this and make it work?" and "give family members kind of a nifty gift"), I was relatively pleased.

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Steeling my nerves, 1st work posted *PIC*
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