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blame Doug Leite *PIC*

>I blame Doug Leite for all my woes:
‘Cause I decided to make his ringed plunger for SWMBO.
Had chunk of ash I’d been going to make a baseball bat from, too spalted and wormy for bat, but great for toilet use.

Started making my rings. Only broke four out of twelve. Not bad.

Looked at center of shaft. Seemed off center by about 1/8”. Checked centers at either end. Seemed okay. Picked up gouge and decided To spin the sucker faster so’s I could smooth it off in a hurry.

Turned up speed. 1/8” off center rapidly became 1/4” became 1/2” became 3/4”. Then, as I backed away in terror, unable to reach the off switch, the d____d thing became a jump rope with great looping swings.

Fortunately the only damage was to my ego.

BTW, what’s a “steady rest”?

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blame Doug Leite *PIC*
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