Turning Archive 2005

The latest AAW Journal

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

In the past, even the recent past, I have been critical of the AAW and some of the attitudes which I have encountered over the years, and I was particularly critical of the last issue of the journal, to the point where I was wondering why I was spending my money. Well as I used to tell the people who were unfortunate enough to work for me, I will say what I don't like, but I will also say what I do like.

The current issue of the journal arrived a couple of days ago, and while mail delivery once something gets to the house is almost as bad as the P.O. itself, I found it and got to read it last night. I was very impressed with the articles, and it was a truly enjoyable experience. I would like to commend all those who had a hand in putting this one together, and may we see many more like it.


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