Turning Archive 2005

My first mini-gloat *PIC*

>Yesterday on the way home from church, I spotted a garage sale, and didn't think much of it, but turned around because I saw a big read Craftsman tool chest. $250 for the chest, including tools. I opened up two drawers and realized this thing was filled to the gills. I offered $200, and that took it.

I figure the tool chest alone would bring $140-$150 without too much trouble (it has a couple of dingers but nothing serious, it just has some use on it). The tools that attracted me were the sockets, as I have been looking to fill in some sizes. This guy had 149 sockets, in four drive sizes, with a zillion adapters. Some are extremely large and in terrific shape. Some precision measuring tools, lots of machinists tools, many hand tools, I'll be cherry-picking to add to my existing tools over the next few days. Some have a little rust, but nothing a spot of oil won't take care of. Also several tools that I have absolutely no idea in the world what they are. I'm now the proud owner of 36 brand new coping saw blades. Now who doesn't need that?

Plus, when I stepped out of the car, I made the deal within two minutes, returned to the car, informed my wife that I just just spent $200 as though I actually had it to spend (lots of bills with the newborn), and she said "I think that's great, honey". She trusts me not to make boneheaded decisions with this stuff, and is generally pretty supportive of my workshop efforts. (This works as long as my hobby doesn't impact homelife at all, which basically means I don't start any projects before 11pm, but what the heck).

So - I think I did well with this stuff. What do you think?

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