Turning Archive 2005

Raising Tailstock ideas?

Ed Kelle
>I've figured out that part of the problems I have been having are due to a vary small difference in the height between the headstock and tailstock. The tailstock center point is slightly lower, very small amount (maybe less than 64th of an inch) but I guess it is enough to cause some issues. even after I have a piece mounted in the chuck, sometimes I bring up the tailstock for additional support, which seems to throw a slight wobble in it due to the lower height. So them when I remove it after "truing up" the wobble, it will now return since it is not supported slightly lower. Yes this showed up when I put my drill chuck on the tailstock, and drilled a hole, not a big deal, but I think it will raise more problems when I rechuck bowls using the tailstock for support.

Any ideas on how to raise up the tailstock slightly?

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