Turning Archive 2005

Real Life

>Looks like the winter blahs are finally behind us. Pretty nice spring days are with us. The days are getting warmer and getting longer.

I was just reminiscing about this past week and how fast it went by and I realized I did not step a foot into the shop. Not that I did not want to! Instead, real life has this nasty habit of getting in the way. There was always somewhere to go, some mundane chore to do or some committment that required my time.

Another good/bad part of that combination is the nice days. YOu have a drop dead gorgeous day and part of you being an outside person who enjoy a great hike or walk wants to be outside, not inside.

So I was curious how some of you out there handle the summer? Is there a noticable decrease in turning time? Do you get in the shop even for a half hour or an hour? I'm lucky to have a blank ready in a half hour :9

Anyway, just curious how some of you handle real life in the summer?


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