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Older Toolex Lathe

John Foster
>Hello all; I am not presently a lathe owner, but aspire to be one someday, and am asking an equipment question today. Our local auction barn has a lathe consigned, which is to be sold next Saturday. It is made by Toolex in Taiwan in the mid 1980's. It is obviously a Shopsmith knock off, it has a frame made of four heavy round tubes, a fixed tailstock , a moveable headstock, with a 10" tablesaw attachment, and a disc sander attachment as well. The toolrest and toolrest holder appears to be missing. Despite this the unit seems very heavily built and well cared for. Has anyone any experience with this model? Is it a diamond in the rough, or an obsolete money pit? Thanks for any advice, John.

p.s. It also has no dead centre in the tailstock, I am guessing this is a non standard piece.

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Older Toolex Lathe
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