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Woodturning Disability ? ? ?

>Unlike most other real wood turners that I read about, I have recently discovered that I cannot hollow with a bowl gouge. Oh, I can hollow a bowl with no problem. What I'm talking about here is hollowing a box or a goblet.

On boxes, I usually drill a hole with a spindle gouge or drill bit and then back hollow with the spindle gouge. When I try it with a bowl gouge, I get horrific catches. Yesterday, I was hollowing a goblet and decided to try the bowl gouge. I got a terrible catch that almost caused that particular goblet to be relegated to the firewood pile.

I was using the bowl gouge, with a side-grind, flute up and was pushing the gouge into the hole, cutting with the left front lip of the bevel, when I got the catch. The blank was almost ripped from the chuck. After I got the blank rechucked, I just gave up and laboriously finished with the spindle gouge and round nose scraper.

What am I doing wrong? HELP! Thanks.


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