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Barbara Gill's wood Pic #1 *PIC*

Ruth Niles
>While visiting Barbara, which was a LOT of fun, she gave me a big piece of figured black walnut and pecan.

The black walnut was 1 1/2" thick and the platter measures 18 3/4" diam. and about 3/8" thickness.

The pecan bowl is 16+" diameter, the rim is 1/2" thick with the bowl being 3/8" thick. The rim allows the bowl to "sit" in the hands while carrying it or, I guess, a better grip for one-handed carrying.

My dentist and I barter and one of these (his choice) will pay off a cleaning and 2 caps. He already selected a 7" burl bowl, 2 bottle stoppers, several tops and something else.

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Barbara Gill's wood Pic #1 *PIC*
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