Turning Archive 2005

Counting your blessings

Keith Tompkins
>Ken Chase's thread about a negative e-mail he received has raised a very important point...those of us who consider themselves experienced turners should stop and count their blessings....

We have found a craft that we LOVE. Many of us can practically turn in our sleep, it has become second nature. Most of us here have the resources to equip our shops with the best machinery and tools available. We have the time to travel to seminars and schools in order to expand upon our skills. AND we have built wonderful friendships along the way.

In my case, turning has changed my life; I could not have imagined five years ago how far my turning journey would take me. After all, I had walked away from a highly successful woodworking career many years ago; as far as I was concerned it was over. I'm sure many here have stories similar to mine.

We experienced turners may want to put ourselves in the place of the "newbies" who annoy us to no end with their constant questions. We were all newbies once, and many have helped us out along the way.

I teach and do seminars to, in my own way, pay back for the gifts I have received, and to share some knowledge I have accumulated along the way. One benefit of teaching I didn't expect....many students have approached me and confided that I had helped change their lives.....I had inspired them to do work that they didn't think they were capable of...and to start believing in themselves. That's a pretty good reward, I think.

Every time we help a newbie here at WC, we are all helping someone in ways we may not even realize.....and maybe starting a great friendship. It's one of the things that makes this forum such a special place....

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