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(minor) Wood Gloat *LINK*

>I posted earlier about doing volunteer work on the Settlers Cabin in the Flats in Cleveland. The Link is to that thread. I brought home some wood from the project. Most of the larger pieces are Ash. Iím not sure what some of the other pieces are. I havenít turned any ash yet, but Iíve been told it is nice to work with. We used about 12 feet of the Ash log in the cabin and didnít need the remainder. That left me about 8 feet of log about 10 or 11 inches in diameter. That log has been lying in the pile for about 2 years. Many of the other logs (different species) are spalting and sprouting fungus. The Ash log showed no signs of degrading and the bark is still tight. It didnít even want to come off with a drawknife. Is Ash considered a rot resistant species?

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(minor) Wood Gloat *LINK*
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