Turning Archive 2005

Safety aspects of alcohol for wood drying.

Al Crandall --NE of Indy--
>In a message recently posted by Gary G. lower on the board he mentioned people who had concerns with storing alcohol on their premises. Are there a lot of people who would not try this method because of concerns of fire or contact poisoning?
I wear latex gloves when using this method of drying, so that concern is not of great importance to me. Which leaves me with the flamability problem. I buy gasoline for my various small engines 10 gallons at a time. It is stored on a concrete floor in a garage with no ignition sources. I also store in the same vicinity up to 10 gallons of K-1 for a salamander heater. If neither of these hazards has found a way to self combust I see no reason to worry about 3 to 5 gallons of alcohol stored nearby. If lightening strikes, the conflagration from the gasoline will far exceed the alcohol. I welcome comments.

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