Turning Archive 2005

Crown PM Bowl Gouges

Barry N. Turner
>I was in Woodcraft today with an eye for a new bowl gouge. I looked at a couple of Crown PM's. One had the Ellsworth grind, the other a straight across grind. The sales person told me that the straight grind is much better for the inside bottoms of bowls.

He also told me the flute of this tool was more open, similar to a super flute. The Ellsworth grind gouge has more of a V-shape flute. Really there was very little apparent difference in the flutes. Except for the grinds and the slight difference in flute cross sections, the gouges were identical.

Oops, one big difference, the Ellsworth grind was a full $20 higher in price! I didn't ask if David Ellsworth ground it personally, but I couldn't believe the difference in price. Is it worth it? How about the flute profiles? Any noticeable diffeerence in performance?

The clerk suggested that I buy the cheaper and use my Vari-grind jig to convert it to an Ellsworth grind. Comments would be appreciated. Thanks.


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