Turning Archive 2005

Take a minute.....

Keith Tompkins
>Duane's unfortunate accident brings up a little safety routine I use when demo'ing....before I start the lathe, I take a deep breath; nerves can get the best of you when you are in front of a crowd. I ask myself..am I mentally prepared? Am I focused?

After taking a breath, I check the speed control, tool rest position, make sure the stock is mounted securely, etc.. It only takes a second for a disaster to occur...this little routine may prevent an accident. I can THEN start the lathe.

BTW; I know Duane is very safety concious; he brought along the safety kit, and reminded me to alway stop the lathe before moving the tool rest during my demo, as this was a rule demonstrators must follow at their club....if the turner had paused for a second, he may have prevented the accident....

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