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Filtration/Dust collection

>I'm still a newbie, so please excuse the topic duplication - I know this comes up again and again, and not too long ago I posted a similar question and got some great response (as usual). I've become....alarmed at the dust and air filtration situation with lathe work, and could use some guidance.

I'm not constantly in my workshop, but when I am, the chips and dust fly. It is a basement workshop with zero ventilation. I wear a cannister mask, and that's about it.

I think I need to do a couple of things. First, I need to segregate the shop from the rest of the basement using tarps or plastic sheets or shower curtains or whatever, to help contain the spread. Secondly, I think I need to pony up and introduce an air filtration/dust collection system into the basement. I'm sure there is a difference between air filtration and dust collection, and I'm hoping you guys will enlighten me.

I don't pretend to have a budget for this, but I guess I will find the money, because with two small kids in the house, my wife and myself, I really don't want a bunch of fine dust making its way through me or the household. I'm going to toss out a figure of $400-$500 that I could probably scrape up for this.

The shop area is maybe 15' x 20'. Table saw (rare), scroll saw (rare), hand saws (fairly frequent), lathe (frequent), someday a band saw I hope, chainsaw work someday will be outside, sanding (plenty, and you know how it flies off the lathe). I don't use a lot of really harsh finishes largely because of the ventilation situation - the area can stink for days depending on what I use (maybe that's part of the filtration versus dust collection thing).

There are ten zillion systems out there, and I would really like some help in 1) getting an idea of what I need to accomplish to develop a safe environment, 2) getting a system in place that will be as quiet as budget will permit, 3) reliable, etc. 4) suggestions on makes/models that will do all this, clean the car, cook dinner, feed the cats, and won't break the bank.

Anyway, thanks for any help. Sorry this is so long and repetitive to other posts. I'm seeing bits and pieces in other posts that help, but I'm just not getting to where I understand it more than knowing I need to address dust and air quality.

David B.

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