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What happened to Delta Service?

>I am experiencing extremely poor response from Delta(Black & Decker) with respect to a 1624 lathe I purchased April 21/05.
I was over billed and short shipped.
I have contacted them no less than 8 times since the machine arrived. All CSRS and tow management people have assured me that they would solve my problems. To date, none of them appear to care or be telling the complete truth.
Nada- despite promises from 2 Black and Decker executives that they would fast track this for me.

I have no tail stock locking lever, no headstock wrench and tool kit no foot covers and an imitation of an invoice all blacked out with felt pen out to obtain warranty service with. I have apparently lost out on the $100.00 bonus tool offering in April as well.
They did, however, send me one bolt for the tail stock and 2 foot covers out of four.
Not bad for 9 weeks!

This is my very first Delta purchase, a mistake I am not likely to make again.
p.s. these machines are not cheap.

Caveat emptor!


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