Turning Archive 2005

What do you LOVE most about turning?

Molly Winton
>On the flip side to Carole's 'What do you hate' thread, what do you love the most?

I've got to say my favorite is the thrill I get when I make the final exterior cut on a hollow form that goes from the base of the piece to the top in one flowing movement, and hits the perfect form smack on. It is truly sweet.

- watching the form I want emerge from a rough chunk of wood as I cut away little bits at a time.
- seeing the first coat of finish 'pop' the grain and reveal the beauty of the wood.
- cutting a log in half with a new/freshly sharpened chainsaw....like butta'.
- bringing a completed project into the house and hearing "Oh Mommy, that's beautiful!!"
- getting that last frustrating little bump out of the interior of my hollow form without blowing the piece up.

I could go on and on...

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