Turning Archive 2005

Dust-B-Gone...What a great Product.

Mark Kauder. Phenix City, AL
>While at Southern States Symposium, I happened to pick up a couple of Dust-B-Gone dust masks, one for myself and one for my son. The intent was for us to use them while lawn mowing. Both of us have Hay Fever, and I hoped that this would alleviate some of the problem.

However, while doing some sanding in the shop the other day - sanding Canarywood, that usually makes me sneeze something fierce - I used the Dust-B-Gone mask. What a great product!!

Not only did it stop me from having the sneezing fits, but it is the only dust abaiting device that I have ever used the did not have me wanting it off as soon as possible. It was very comfortable, not hot, and did not fog my glasses.

I highly recommend it to any of you.


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