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I'm a believer !! *PIC*

Peter Teubel
>I'm just about finished installing my new 3hp cyclone DC system. Man, that thing is a monster (10' high). But the price was MORE than right, so I retired my canister DC in favor of the benefits of a cyclone.

*NOTE* - I bought it up from Woodcraft (closeout), but its absolutly IDENTICAL to the Grizzly model pictured below.

To test it, I dumped about 10 gallons of bandsaw dust from my old DC onto the floor. I then proceeded to disconnect the 4" feed from my bandsaw and "vacuumed" up the pile. What amazed me was the fact that when the pile was gone, there was *NOTHING* in the collection bag under the filter. Zip, zero, nada. EVERYTHING went into the drum! With nothing much hitting the filter directly, I can count on MUCH cleaner air in my shop. Once properly plumbed, the system is no louder than my old 2hp DC.

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I'm a believer !! *PIC*
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