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Jet Mini Lathe and 1/2" 2MT Chuck Problem

Larry in Lima
>I have a Jet Mini Lathe, and I have a pretty good quality 1/2" chuck that is #2MT.

Problem is this, the tang end of this chuck appears to be pretty "standard", but is too long to allow the chuck end to fit snugly into the taper on the tailstock. If I remove the handwheel on the end of the tailstock, I can do it, but I'd like to use it with the Jet handwheel. I even tried another chuck with a drawbar type end which is a little shorter, but still too long to fit with the handwheel on the tailstock.

I thought about having a machine shop shorten the tang, but figured that could get expensive and there must be another way someone here has done it.

I'm likely overlooking something obvious... so be kind....

Anyone got some help? If you need more information, feel free to ask, and thanks. Larry

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