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bowl lathe in small space

>There was a good thread on the Vega this past week. I seems to be a great lathe for the money and it doesn't take up much room That's what my prime consideration is.

But since I want to do some spindle work, I was looking at the Vicmarc 175 shortbed. It only has a 16" swing so I suppose it can't really be considered a bowl lathe or at least not a dedicated bowl lathe. But it must have a pretty small footprint and it might answer all my needs and aspirations a little better than my Jet 1014 (which I love but just doesn't have swing enough to suit me).

I was curious if anyone has any experience with the Vicmarc 175 and what your impressions are.

Also how wide...actually...is the 16" shortbed? How much space does it take up? Is the Variable speed a significant improvement over the belt change model?

Pros? Cons?



Thanks for taking the time to respond. I know the general outlines of how to do this but the details kind of escape me.

Do you Anchorseal the whole bowl? Inside and out? How does the bowl dry through the coating of wax?

Once coated, do you wrap the bowl in a paper bag or just leave it fully exposed to air?

Have you (or anyone else, please...) ever tried covering or burying a bowl in its own wet shavings? What is the procedure there and does that work? Any faster? any slower?

thanks again....

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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