Turning Archive 2005

Powermatic 24" lathe *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>While I was visiting Indiana, I had the opportunity to turn on Duane Leach's 24" Powermatic lathe.

This is a machine you don't hear too much about, the first time I have had the opportunity to check one out. This lathe is massive, when I returned home, my General looked delicate in comparison. The bed of the Powermatic is nearly double the thickness my lathe. The 3 HP motor drives the lathe via a multi-rib belt similar to an automotive serpentine belt. The lathe is equipped with a digital rpm counter, the heaviest cut produced a drop of only 6(!) rpm. This machine is a serious alternative the the Oneway 2436, at a serious savings!

The photo is Duane with his lathe....I'll post a photo of his work soon....

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