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rose stem process *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>The rose pieces I am creating are receiving a bit of attention, both good and bad. The "bad" part is that some turners consider this type of piece "wood art" rather than a a turning.

So I figured it would be interesting to post the rose stem as it is being turned. The first ptoto shows the stem after it has been turned between centers, then mounted in the chuck. Notice the waste block, glued to the SIDE of the blank....it was used for the spur center, then was needed for chucking. Otherwise, there was no place to put the center.

The second photo shows the blank back in the chuck, the glue block bandsawed away, on the original center point. The calyx, where the blossom is to be attached, is fully turned, ready to be carved.

The obvious question is...why bother? Glad you asked! I wanted the stem of the rose to appear to bend under the weight of the blossom. A much more natural look that at straight stem, and a small touch that means the difference between a successful piece and a so-so piece.

The next step is to remount the stem, and remove the "belly" , which will give the stem its final profile; a total of three axis points. To see the finished rose, you can visit my website: keithtompkins.net/

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