Turning Archive 2005

This world is changing...

Terry Daniel
>Reading the threads below just confirm my opinion that things have gotten out of hand. It used to be "the customer was always right", "we'll take care of it", " I am sorry you had that problem, we'll get it fixed" and such. No more! It is now blame it on the shipping company, the inferior packaging, whatever, but not the fact that the delivery person rolled it like a football to the back of the truck. I long for a return to the way it was! I am tired of this new world order of screw you...that is the way it is done now. Why can't we go back to the times we all worked together? You file an insurance claim and it is not settled because you failed to read paragraph z that says you should keep the shop locked at all times that you aren't in it or "sorry, you must have eyewitnesses to claim that". I no longer insure my shop because the hassle of settling a claim just isn't worth it. Is it now the same with shipping? Recently when I had a problem with UPS after they had damaged a lathe by rolling it like a football their comment was "it was insuffiently packaged". What is sufficient? They accepted the package. If it wasn't sufficient why didn't they tell me when I dropped it off? If you buy insurance you don't get a settlement and if you don't buy insurance you don't get a settlement so what is the difference? I can see why vendors don't insure....it is a cost but there are too many "outs" for the shipper. I am fed up! What about you?

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