Turning Archive 2005

So I'm Thinking To Myself...

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont.
>Ah....last night, back from my turning club meeting, I'm thinking, what a great group of men and women at the Golden Horseshoe Woodturners, had a wonderful night. SO I slide over in front of my PC and click on WOW, I see some one was rustling Herm's feathers changing the Picture of the day on him....oh well....what's going on at the Big House, WC.

So I slip over to the WC turning forum and find two posts that are going the wrong way quickly....I rub my eyes and reread a few of the posts, yup...the world is off it's turning axis I think...so I go over to the window to check the moon...no, it's not a full moon...hmmmm.

So I think to myself, It's time for some of us to get out and turn some wood.....


Have a great weekend..

It's Friday the 13th and All the Bikers are in Pt. Dover today, 60,000 + in a town of 5,000......now that's a RUMBLE!!

take care,

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