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Paper Coveralls (long)

Bruce in Saint John, N.B. Canada
>Three months ago a fellow woodturner (Basil) made a posting here that he wanted someone to test try a pair of paper coveralls and then give a report here on the forum. Well, I volunteered and in a few days a pair arrived in the morning mail. First of all, I was really taken by the paper that they were made from, it was really light weight. I have used paper coveralls before but they were always a much heavier material and caused one to perspire more than normal, especially in the summer time. So seems I would have to say that I really liked the light weight material which seemed to be tough as it didn't tear easily. The elastic cuffs offered good sealing around your wrist and at the same time not allowing anything loose and possibly getting caught in a rotating chuck They had a zipper front which was good, the sawdust wasn't able to get in on your clothing as some paper coveralls have snaps or buttons which is not the best idea for a turning operation. The only negative thought I have experienced with them is the fact they don't have any pockets in them, front, rear or breast. I normally wear a shop coat or cotton coveralls when I'm at the lathe and always get perturbed when my pockets get filled with shavings and sawdust. I always thought I would prefer to have no pockets but have to say now that I certainly miss the pockets. I realize that most turners smocks don't have any pockets, personally I don't care for them as any that I have seen don't come down your legs far enough for my liking. The neck line is also good as it seems to seal good against the Triton Respirator Hood. I'm not sure what brand they are as the only thing printed on the label is 100% polyester breathable, made in China. Basil informs me they are low priced so guess that is a plus, all in all I have to say I was pleased with them and certainly have to thank Basil for allowing me to try them out. Perhaps Basil will add something to this posting as to what make they are or who the supplier is, in case others are interested in purchasing them.

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