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Taking off the bark

Ed Kelle
>Spent the past 2 days cutting up some black cherry logs. They were not big enough to really consider flattening the outsides before splitting down the pith, so I just halved them. The end grain has been sealed and I have just stored them down in my basement shop. Well tonight I started thinking that I do not want any unwanted guests in my shop or house so I started stripping off some of that rough bark. Just the major nooks and crannies which might have who knows what living in there. It's about 30 half logs, so it will be a while for me to work thru them all.

So does this sound like a reasonable thing to do or am I just being a bit paranoid? I"m thinking that bark might be harder on bandsaw blades as well as turning tools. And I was never too crazy about all the dust from turning off the bark either.

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Taking off the bark
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