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About 80gr. gouges and other sandpaper

Hawaii Turner
>Aloha, Everyone
I have nothing to do with the company (I wish that I owned some stock in it) but I, and most members of our club, have used MIRKA sandpaper for about 10 years. IMO, I feel that it is the best cutting and longest lasting paper that I have ever used. Well, at our meeting this past Sat. the dealer shows up with their new product. It is called ABRANET and is a ceramic impregnated onto hook and loop discs. I have only used it a little yesterday, and can't give it my personal endorsement yet, but one of our members who turns huge Norfolk Pine vessels, just raved about it. He did a demo on a roughed out Calabash of a fairly hard wood, we call it Chocolate Albizia, but he started with 180gr on a rather rough turned bowl about 16" in dia. and in 2 or 3 passes, it was all cleaned up. Personally, I would have re-turned the surface better before starting with 100 or so grit of regular sandpaper.They said that you can start with a finer grit, and don't have to use as many grits to do the job.Also, is supposed to last a lot longer, after all, it is ceramic. Time will tell.I thought that I would pass this on in the hope that it might help someone.
Doug Leite
Has any

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