Turning Archive 2005

Vacuum / Pressure Stabilizing

Stuart Johnson
>I've decided to stop hijacking the other thread.

"But part of me asks the question, will this work well enough to make it worthwhile? Any open pores should be forced full of liquid as the vacuum is released, doing exactly the same thing as the pressure stage. It seems to me that any value added by the pressurized stage might be better accomplished by just pulling a better vacuum at first. The pressurized stage would add a lot of complexity.

How do the professional wood stabilizers do it - can you avoid reinventing the process? (or is the process a secret?"

I'm going to start off by just pulling a vacuum. I should be able to tell if I get sufficient penetration. If not I'll try adding pressure. There is something in the back of my mind about a thread here or elsewhere that talked about the size of the particles compared to the cell size.

As close as I've come to finding out how the pros do it is being advised they use a combination of vacuum, pressure and heat . I know with the cost of rebuilding the kitchen I'm not going to try the heat part.

I will build an enclosure out of 2x6 if pressure is needed. I think I should also use some sort of filter system to prevent any liquid from being sucked into the vacuum pump.

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