Turning Archive 2005

Spindle Gouges

>I have focused most of my turning on bowls, however, viewed a Raffan video recently that has kindled some interest in spindles and turning techniques with tools I have avoided (skews). Tried some turning and to my surprise the skew not the enemy I had anticipated (it's not a friend either!). That being said, I am looking at purchasing either a spindle gouge or a smaller skew. I already have a small bowl gouge (3/8" American) and was thinking this would suffice as a spindle gouge for smaller spindle turning. The only difference I see between bowl and spindle gouges are the depths of the flute. Can I reasonably get away with the use of this bowl gouge for spindle work or am I asking for trouble?

An unrelated question, - I have seen some postings here that state not to use a roughing gouge for bowl turning. I am sure I have missed something, but I don't understand the advice provided. What are the circumstances where the use of a roughing gouge should not be used in preparing a bowl blank? Thanks.


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