Turning Archive 2005

Made a Steady Rest *PIC*

Dick Parr
>Well our youngest daughter has the wife out for the day and so I played in the shop. Darn, all by myself in the shop all day.

Well I got the wheels for this project on Friday from Gary Evans and decided it was time to Get 'R' Done. I got the idea/design from Dominic Greco here on the WC and as slow as I am and with a lot of rest periods, it took all day.

But it is done and I am happy with it, it works. This should allow me to make a few things I have been holding off on until I got one of these rests.

It is made from scrap 3/4" oak ply that was sitting around, a few knobs and 1/4-20 from Lee Valley and I finished it with Deft semi gloss spray.

Thanks for looking


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