Turning Archive 2005

cheap bowls

John Lucas
>I went to a craft show yesterday to photograph some friend booths and of course to see all my artists that I shoot for. There was a guy there with poor quality stacking bowls. He says he cuts them with a special tool his dad made and wouldn't elaborate on what it was. He didn't know I was a turner. These bowls all had exactly the same shape and had torn grain with a very mediocre finish. They were sanded fairly fine and felt nice to the touch but weren't even as good as the beginning turners in our clubs. I forgot to mention he was selling his small bowls (about 8") for $38.

One of my fellow turners who has beautifully sanded and finished pieces was complaining about this guy. Now I know that technically every artist at the show is your competitor in terms of fighting for the next dollar, but do you feel this guy was honestly hurting my friends business. I suppose someone who doens't look at the quality of the work at all this might be true but I think his work is so far superior to the other guys that they really aren't competitors. My friends pieces start at about $65 and go up to about $400 and aren't all bowls. I thought I would throw this out and see what you guys think.

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