Turning Archive 2005

Heacock Sawmill on 611 in PA (Pipersville?)

Craig Daymon
>I was out at Heacock Sawmill today (NOT the source of the free purpleheart) and saw an interesting piece of wood that might be of interest to someone. I believe sometime back someone posted images of some VERY interesting turnings from a similar piece.

It is a section about 10" to 12" in diameter and maybe about 18 to 20 inches long. There was/is damage to the side of the tree (wood) that grew in on itself forming some very strong curls into the damage. There IS some rot in the damaged area and it might require a spray of RAID and a month in a sealed plastic bag to kill any residents. It appears the bulk of the bad wood could be cleaned relatively easily with a little wire brushing. If turned, I think you could get 2 substantial size bowls out of it with what would look like handles on a greek/roman vase. The wood is green, but looks to have some nice coloring that will add to it.

Anyway, it was too big for my JET mini, but I think it could make a couple very interesting and unique turnings for someone in the area. I can't expect Heacock would want more than $5 to get rid of it.

So...if it's still there next Saturday, I might pick it up anyway, but if someone else grabs it let me know. I spoke to the main yard guy about it, so he might remember it. It's in fairly clear view from the sales office. (Behind it on the larger end cut pile.)


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