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An Afternoon with Mike *PIC*

John Lucas
>Here is the piece I built after spending a day with Mike Hosaluk. I wanted to try out some of the texturing techniques he uses. Some are techniques I've learned from others or take-offs of these techniques.

The yellow box was textured using a wire wheel in the drill press. I dyed it yellow with analine dye and then used an ink brayer to roll on a greenish color.

The bottom was turned a little off center and then cut to be even more off center. It was airbrushed and painted, then textured with puff paint.

The middle section was dyed black with shoe dye, then carved with a football shaped cutter. The carvings were colored white and then a red dot of puff paint was put in to make the eyes.

This was fun. I'll probably never make another but will definitely use some of these techniques again.

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An Afternoon with Mike *PIC*
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