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Raising $$ for local clubs

>Hey Everyone,

After reading the bottom portion of the AAW thread below, I got curious as to how local clubs are keeping enough $$ in the kitty to keep the club running. I'm wondering if your group depends only on membership dues to support the club, or if you have other fund raisers, or what other means of income you have for your club. I just rejoined our club after a year away, for schedule conflict reasons, so I'm not sure what the financial state of the club is. As I recall though, we never seemed to have much money in the kitty to support the clubs needs, like some other clubs did. When I visit other clubs websites some of them show that they have top name demonstrators nearly once a month! We typically had one, possibly two a year. Granted, our club is only 65 members so I don't think a demo a month is realistic.

Sometimes we would raise money by holding a mini auction during our monthly meeting for wood, or tools donated, but it never really raised much. I donít recall ever having a sale of our turnings to raise money? I was delighted, however, to see that since I left we did acquire the new JET VS lathe and couple of the mini lathe cams.They are nice! Anyway, just wondering what other clubs are doing to keep good quality lathes in the club, and to continue to bring in good demonstrators. We had Keith Tompkins here last weekend and it was such a pleasure. I had forgotten how fun these demos are and I'm looking forward to more great demonstrations. I hope the till is full of $$ :)



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